Candice Swanepoel Makes Shannon Sharpe Stare, Bill Cowher Stutter, and Dan Marino Forget

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Just stumbled across the video from the CBS NFL pregame show from this past Sunday where the hosts provide their picks for a selection of games.

Why is this interesting?

Because Victoria-s Secret model Candice Swanepoel joined JB, Dan, Bill, Shannon, and Boomer to promote the upcoming Victoria-s Secret fashion show.

What ensued was-well-pretty much exactly what you-d expect when a beautiful woman is placed right between four former football players: stupid questions, staring, stuttering, mocking, and heartier-than-normal guffawing.

Video after the jump.

The highlights for me:

    Boomer Esiason asking Candice what it-s like to be on the runway, as if this burning question had been gnawing at him. I-ll at least give him credit for trying. As pointed out by Sports, Crackle, Pop, Shannon Sharpe-s uncomfortable staring. Bill Cowher becoming completely tongue-tied when it is his turn to speak after the Cardinals-Titans picks are announced. Dan Marino deciding that it-s a good idea to laugh like a crazed hyena after Cowher-s unfortunate stutter. More on Marion below.

Video: Candice Swanepoel Appearance on CBS NFL Today

The apparent level of satisfaction that Marino takes in Cowher-s verbal stumbles is ironic considering Marino-s own now-infamous verbal blooper:

Video: Dan Marino Freaks Out

I-m also a big fan of the remixed version:

Video: Dan Marino Freaks Out (Remix)

Maybe next time, before he is so quick to revel in a co-worker-s foible, Marino should remember his own TV imperfection. That, and, you know, try not to act like an idiot in front of a pretty girl.

Hat tip: Today-s AM Hot Clicks

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